Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You're on. As soon as I can walk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


When I was a kid homemade was not something I appreciated. I wanted store bought, plastic, and individually wrapped. I liked the macaroni and cheese in the blue box, not the stuff my mom made from scratch. I did not see the point in making your own clothes, growing vegetables in the backyard or cooking at home. Wouldn't you rather eat out and buy for convenience. Thankfully I have gotten over that way of thinking. Through the years I have come to appreciate the things I thought were second rate as a child. It isn't embarassing to wear things you have made. It is actually fun to show off what you have accomplished. It is a great feeling to make something from start to finish. I have discovered that creating is fun.

Often times I wonder why God made earth and people. Knowing how badly things could go it just seems maybe he would have skipped all the trouble. However, when I think about creation I realize what a good time He must have had (and still has) making all things new. Creation is a continual process, everytime a child is born a new creation begins, ready to grow, from start to finish. God must be so proud to show off what he has made. I know I don't always make Him proud but thankfully he looks past the flaws and imperfections.

Above are some of my creations. A diaper bag (this picture is for you Geraldine) and strawberry jam. Although I can't take full credit because the plants are doing the growing I am tending to vegetables that will become food that I will make for my family. Maybe it is motherly instinct but I love that fact that I can make things that will provide and take care of those I love most. Below is the most precious thing I have ever made and the one I am most proud of.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The little things. . .

First time eating cereal (you can't tell but he loves it!)

Rolling over from back to tummy, still working on the reverse

Edward's new ride, he graduated to the jogging stroller.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Granna's Visit

We were blessed to have my mom (or Granna as she is now known) come to Denver and visit us this weekend. Edward and I picked her up at the airport Saturday morning and she was with us until Monday evening. It was great to have her, she barely let Ed out of her arms all weekend. Thanks to her I was able to finish my sewing project - a diaper bag (inspired by LA's friend Darby- thanks!). It is amazing what you can accomplish with a few hours of dedicated time. I think about that alot, I used to clean my whole house in one morning, now it takes two days. I remember the days when I had all the time I wanted to accomplish something, now I just squeeze things in between feedings, diaper changes and all the times Edward demands my attention. It has made me slow down, realize it is not the end of the world if everything isn't perfect and just the way I want it. It has made me appreciate sitting on the swing, taking a walk and just hanging out.

Fresh vegetables from Alabama preceeded Granna's arrival so we enjoyed some real southern cooking (fresh tomatoes, blueberry cobbler, fried okra, green beans, peas and squash). I appreciated all the vegies especially because I have managed to produce only 1 tomato so far. I still have hope for my little garden I am just trying to be patient. Monday Andy and I went to work and Edward spent all day with his grandmother needless to say I came home to two very happy campers.

Thanks for a great visit Granna.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Fitzgerald Farms

I think the name is kind of catchy. Too bad our 2 x 4 plot of garden couldn't even feed our family for a week. So this is my third summer attempting to grow a little green in our backyard and things are coming along okay. This year I planted two tomato plants, one Early Girl and one yellow, bell peppers (green, red, and yellow), jalapeno and cherry peppers. I also planted several herbs- rosemary, basil (purple and green), thyme, dill, and cilantro. I have two lavendar plants and two chive plants as well as some mint that come back each year. After two previous attempts at growing cucumbers I opted for something different this year- eggplant. The growing season here is short and everything comes late so I tend to get impatient but I am trying to nurse all my plants along in hopes that they will produce something worth eating. The herbs usually do well although I never can get the cilantro to stick around. I have two tomatos on the Early Girl and the eggplant and peppers are just starting to flower. I love going out early in the morning and inspecting everything, looking for little signs of fruit and running my hands through all the herbs. In my opinion the smell of lavendar and rosemary are two of the best scents in the world.