Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

Our baby turned one Nov 16, 2010. We celebrated at the Children's museum in Denver with our friends and family. Austin followed in his brothers footsteps (literally), he is an early walker and avid ball thrower and hands down the best eater in our family. He weighed 28 lbs at his one year doctor visit and is still topping the charts in weight, height, and head circumfrence. He says mama, dada, uh-oh, night night and ocassionaly gesundheit! He loves Melinda and his big brother best. Happy birthday to our little BooBoo.
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Christmas in Indy

We traveled to Andy's parents house for Christmas. They had more snow there than we did in Colorado and we enjoyed sledding on the hill behind the house. The cousins all had a good time and Christmas morning was absolute chaos. Edward got the scooter he had been talking about since August and Austin liked the paper most of all. Check out Edward "shaving", it is the only way to get him in the bathtub- thanks for the present Nana and Grandada.
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War eagle

Glendale, AZ January 10,2011
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