Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mommy Brain

Forgetful, scatterbrained, just plain dumb. I do feel like this sometimes. Apparently pregnancy takes away your ability to effectively multitask or do simple things like remember to take your groceries home from the store after you have paid for them. I start a lot of sentences and then trail off into distraction until Andy asks me to please finish what I was saying. The silver lining in this brain mush I have been experiencing is an apparent INCREASE in my trivial knowledge. Andy and I sat down to play Trivial Pursuit a month or so ago and something happened that has never happened to me, for the first time ever I got every single piece of the pie. So, I may not remember where my keys are or to feed Melinda but I will know -

What southern US city got $1.5 million from the federal government to recondition a massive statue of the Roman god Vulcan?

Which ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the ozone layer- UV-A, UV-B, or UV-C?

What Austin Powers co-star did MIke Myers described as "honest, talented . . . and yummy"?

and finally:

What Big Pimpin' rapper and former crack hustler was known to judges as Shawn Carter?

If any of you are interested in the answers here they are:



Heather Graham


Merry Christmas

It is a white Chrismas here in Denver. I woke up this morning, got ready to take Melinda out to "potty", looked out the window, and saw two inches of snow. I promptly let Melinda take herself for a stroll around the yard. I couldn't believe all the white stuff, the news had predicted a quarter inch instead we got about six. My sweet husband got up and dro,ve me to work at 7. Yep, I am spending Christmas day working at the hospital. Unfortunately people still need drugs even on holidays. We did go to Winter Park with the Fitzgeralds this past weekend and we will celebrate Christmas dinner tonight. I volunteered to work this year anticipating wanting a lot of time off next year for Edward's "1st" Christmas. We tried to explain Christmas to him this morning but I am not sure he got it, the only response he had for me was a kick in the ribs! Andy and I are constantly amazed at his movements, we can tell he is getting stronger and every now and then we get a glimpse of a leg or arm as it moves across my belly. I never get tired of putting my hands on my belly and trying to guess which body part is pressing back. Sometimes I feel like he is just ready to bust out of the confines of my body. We try and interpret his movements into some kind of personality, I have no idea if there is any correlation but if so we have decided he will be full of energy and always on the go, he will not be able to sit still for very long and he will push the limits and test his boundaries constantly. I am just fine with him staying put for a few more weeks, I won't be able to monitor his every movement much longer and that is a scary thought.

I hope you all have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby Bump

Big- 10/21

Bigger- 12/10

Biggest yet to come. So many of you have asked for new pictures,I have obviously been ignoring the blog but I have felt guilty about it. It is amazing to look back at pictures and remember feeling "so BIG" and now I am feeling huge and yet I know there is more to come. Everything is becoming relative, and all we can do is try to enjoy as much of this journey as possible, because we know it will be over in a flash. So thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and phonecalls - they keep me going and we really do appreciate the support.
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