Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet boys

Austin is 8 months old now.  He has two little teeth that are just starting to poke through and he says dada like he means it.  We have been holding our breath for a month now thinking everytime he is up on all fours that he is going to crawl, we are turning blue.  We're pretty sure he COULD do it, he just doesn't WANT to do it.  What he really wants is to walk like Edward.  He is already pulling himself up on the crib, coffee table and anything else he can get a good grip on.  He loves the swing, loves Melinda, hates to be left out of the fun and still is not a great sleeper (we are currently blaming that on the teething).  I call him BooBoo and still think of him as my little baby even though he is rapidly gaining on his older brother.  Speaking of older brother. . .
He is only two but sometimes seems like such a BIG BOY.  He is gaining new independence everyday and will firmly tell me "I do it myself!". I am amazed at how much he learns everyday- the new words he tries out, the songs he sings and  the ladders he climbs are all signs that we are leaving toddler behind and moving on to little boy.  He is such a tender big brother and I am thankful that at least for now he dotes on Austin like the rest of us.  Yesterday, as I was scrambling to get dinner, Austin was crying for attention and food.  Edward sat down next to him and patted him saying what he has heard me say hundreds of times, "it's ok baby." Today he was sick so we had  a day with just the two of us, he wanted to be held and laid his head in my lap until he fell asleep. I took advantage of his cuddliness, ran my fingers through his curls and kissed on his sweet cheeks.  I am SO thankful for my little man.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wake up Bears

I took Edward on his first hike a few weeks ago.  We had talked about wearing a backpack and carrying water and food.  When I asked if he wanted anything else in his bag he said his cymbals.  Instead of arguing that cymbals are not really useful on a hike I threw them in his bag and we took off.  About five minutes down the trail he stopped and told me he needed his cymbals.  He apparently knew what they were for.  Check it out here.

In the eyes of a two year old

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like when you are 3 feet tall?  Just give your toddler a camera and you"ll get the idea. Edward recently discovered the digital camera and it has made for some pretty funny pictures- a lot of crotch shots, floors and ceilings. 

Hope you had a happy 4th

Waiting for the parade to start

Edward eating candy he caught

Annabella and Austin

Edward riding Checkers the pony

We spent the holiday weekend in Vail with the Lotspeichs' and Andy's family.  We had a great weekend hanging out in the mountains.
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