Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baking another Biscuit

Yep, Austin (middle name to be determined) Fitzgerald should be done around Nov. 14. I am currently 19 weeks and look like I did at 25 the first time around. After some killer 1st trimester morning sickness everything is going well. I can already feel him kicking and Andy even felt him a couple of times. Andy said his head looks bigger than Edward's did at the same age. This is not good news for me, so I am already planning an induction at 38 weeks :)

We are starting to look around for another house but I am really torn about it. I am not ready to leave this house or this neighborhood but I know we will probably outgrow this house quickly. I am in the we can make it work mindframe while Andy is more of the we need to see what is out there attitude. I am praying that God will make it clear what the right thing to do will be.

We also have to rethink the name of the blog as it is no longer just Ed's Biscuit Hut. I don't think I ever gave an explanation of how the name came about. After my freshman year at Auburn I moved to Colorado Springs for the summer and worked at the Flying W Ranch. One of my jobs was to man the biscuit hut. The biscuit hut was as glorious as it sounds- a hut where we cooked biscuits in cast iron dutch ovens on railroad rails. They sat on hot coals and we heaped more coals on the top and cooked them until they were golden brown. Then we drowned them in butter and honey. Let's just say that after a summer of eating biscuits it showed a little around the midsection and and thighs. So that's it, biscuits and babies make me fat. So we decided to call Edward baby biscuit before we knew what he was and then it became Edward's Biscuit Hut. Well, he will have to make some room for his baby brother. I am sure he won't mind.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey You

You are fifteen months old. I can't believe that my sweet little baby is now my sweet little boy. You can walk anywhere, climb stairs and go down the slide. You can hit the baseball off the tee with a bat and you use the vaccum cleaner attachement like it is your sword. You eat like a professional but you are so busy that the only way you are growing lately is up.

You can say momma, dada, up, down, dog, and ball. You know the signs for more, please, thank you and milk. You can woo-woo like the fire engine and babble away at your books like you are reading the greatest novel. You love to wave at everything- people in line at the store, the neighbors and any car that drives down our street. You are brave and will venture off to explore new things. You have tasted sand, dirt, and dog food. You like to smell the flowers and will blow your nose when I wipe it.

You can give kisses with your mouth closed and the best hugs in the world. You make us laugh when you imitate the things we do. Your hair is long and you sometimes get mistaken for a girl which drives your dad crazy. I don't like it either but I can't bare to part with those sweet curls yet. You love Melinda although we have to work on being gentle. You amaze us everyday and we love you more then we could have ever dreamed.

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