Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here's proof (see post below)

After my last post I looked through some old pictures and found this one that my husband has named Chunky Monkey and Frog Boy. Anyway, Jake didn't quite fill out the outfit like Edward does but you get the idea.

Circa 1978

One of the nice things about having a nephew six months older than your son is all the clothes that get passed along. Geraldine has been so generous in sharing everything with us that we have hardly had to buy anything. I love it when the box arrives in the mail carrying a new batch of clothes. This last one had a couple of nostalgic surprises. Both the outfits in these pictures were my brothers which makes them exactly 30 years old. They came just in time as Edward is almost too big for them. I love the vintage look and the memories they give me of little Jake swimming in his own drool. Thanks Geraldine for the clothes and the fun of remembering my brother when he was small enough to fit in these outfits.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me & Henri'

Henri' (pronounce it with your best French accent) is my favorite toy. He has gone with me on the airplane to Alabama and Indiana. He rode in the care with me all the way to Florida. He speaks in a language I don't quite understand but Mom and Dad interpret for me. Whenever I am fussy in the pack-n-play he magically appears and makes me smile. He doesn't mind if I chew on his arm or nose and he always hugs me back.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

He's a Natural

Happy Father's Day Andy. I love watching you with Edward. From the beginning you have loved him, played with him, and rocked him to sleep. You are fun, creative, and patient. You change diapers like a pro and pick out the best outfits. Thanks for all you do, WE really appreciate it.
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