Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check up

2 years
ht. 35 in (65%)  wt 28.13 lbs (60%) head 52.4 cm (100%)
I have very few pictures of Edward at this age because he rarely sits still enough for me to get a shot.  I guess I need to learn how to capture moving objects.  He really looked forward to going to see Dr. B and was very brave even though he had to get a shot, a Snoopy band-aid cleared the tears right up.  He loves to put on my visor and then go out for a "run".  Austin and Melinda and I follow patiently down the sidewalk as Edward runs, pauses to sit by trees and picks up rocks. Often he wants to ride his "bicycle" which really means I push him on his tricycle while carrying Austin in the sling and wrangling Melinda on the leash.  Everytime we get ready to leave for an adventure he always asks- "Minda too?". How can I say no.  He is pushing the limits and testing the waters.  Anything that earns him a time out is so tempting, he does it again and again just to see if he gets the same result. He loves school and his friends and most of all "Autin". 

4 months
ht. 27 in (97%) wt. 17.7 lbs (92%) head 46 cm (100%)
He has at least one thing in common with his older brother, the doctor says their potential for Harvard is excellent.  They are just being nice when they say 100%, I saw the curve, they are off the charts.  Despite throwing up all over me everytime he eats, Austin continues to outpace Edward in the growth department.  He is such a sweet baby and would love it if I could hold him every second of the day.  He laughs when we make faces and loves to be turned upside down.  We are working on rolling over and holding his head up (it is a heavy load).  He sucks on everything but a pacifier and his favorite time of day is just before his bath when we play on the bed. I still count his number of breaths at night just to make sure everything is okay and analyze every cough, making sure it is not a sign of something more ominous. He wakes up happy and gives us a big smile each morning when we go in his room. He is ambivalent towards the bottle but will tolerate it when he gets hungry enough. Holding him is so amazing, I know it will be over too soon and he will be going for a "run" with Edward.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Edward

Edward turned 2 last Saturday.  We celebrated with Elmo cupcakes on Friday with his class at school and with Elmo cake on Saturday at our house.  A year ago he had just a few words and was doing his best to walk without falling down.  Now he repeats everything and anything, he says hi to every person and dog we pass.  Last night as we pushed his stroller down a busy street in our neighborhood he started yelling "out of my way".  Where does he learn this stuff?  He continues to love any game that involves a ball and is having a lot of fun with the basketball hoop he got for his birthday.  He is an amazing big brother and really helps me take care of Austin.  He is so sweet and caring towards his little brother and it melts my heart everytime he leans over to kiss him.  He runs so fast it is hard to keep up with him and his energy seems endless.  We love him so much and are so proud of our little man.  Happy Birthday Edward!

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