Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teva Mtn Games

Through a series of somewhat unfortunate events we have a condo in Vail with no renters and have decided to take advantage of it (at least for the next month).  I drove up with the boys early Friday and Andy joined us after work.  We were going to check out our place and see what work needed to be done after having renters there for two years.  Much to our surprise the place looked pretty good.  We definitely have some work to do but overall it is intact.  It happened to be Teva Mountain Games this weekend and we went to check it out on Saturday.  Edward even got in on the action in a kayak. Check it out here!  We also had a Ryan and Trista (plus their two kids) sighting at Pirate Ship Park. We drove back to Denver in time for Bella's first birthday party and some more time in the water.