Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Time Again . . .

Austin turns two today. His favorite things include cars, trains, animals and his baby (doll). His personality is mostly sweet with a lot of adventure, a little bit of stinker and a pinch of mischief. He has no fear when it comes to jumping off anything or in the water. One of his favorite games to play is "baby", he loves to be held and rocked and patted. He also loves to push you over, fly high and go super faster. He continues to follow and copy everything that Edward does. We have a constant ten second delay in the house between what Edward does and says and Austin's imitation. He is catching on fast to everything, even the potty training. He can move on the scooter and tackle like a real football player. He loves milk, hot dogs, mac and cheese, plain toasted bagels and pirates booty. He does not like strawberries, most vegetables and most candy. \

Happy birthday to our not so little, BooBoo. We love you!

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